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The mission of Manolo Díaz & Freelance is based on personalized creativity for you. Taking into account your needs, the team of stylists creates a look that suits your personality and lifestyle. After extensive consultation, including a hair diagnose, they  will apply a soothing massage on the scalp, neck and shoulders, and a relaxing shampoo. 

If you're looking for inspiration, motivation or even a makeover ... Manolo Diaz & Freelance provides you with free consultations on all hairdressing services: 

- Cutting and styling. 
Full service including hair diagnosis, scalp, and color, as well as shampoo and conditioner to suit your needs, styling products and personalized advice to keep your hair care at home too. 

- Hair Spa AVEDA Treatments. 
Healthy hair depends on healthy scalp. Aveda Damage Remedy Hair & Scalp Renewal is a revolutionary botanical treatment that considers the hair and scalp as an ecosystem, and takes a holistic approach to repair damaged hair and restore its balance. Hair becomes up to 71% softer and smoother, and with 71% more resistance to breakage during brushing. 

- Hair Color Service  (highlights, color and discoloration). 
The salon works exclusively with Full Spectrum Aveda Hair Colour System. This coloring with 97% natural formulas in permanent color and 99% in semi-permanent color, treats your hair. Its patented technology of green tea ensures natural and lasting tones. When impregnating the hair with sunflower oil, castor and yoyoba Full Spectrum Hair Colour, Aveda provides conditioning and exceptional brightness. 

- AVEDA Facial Treatments: Elemental Nature, facial illuminator of Tourmaline Botanical Skin Resurfacing, repairing imperfections Outer Peace, Anti-Aging Green Science,  Perfecting Plant Feel facial peeling, Eye Revitalizer ... 

- AVEDA Spa Body Treatments: vast range of services such as body exfoliation with Dead Sea salts (Aqua Polish), Caribbean Therapy Body Treatment, Caribbean Therapy body exfoliation, revitalizing treatment with rosemary and mint or treatment of volcanic rocks , among others. 

- Manicure and pedicure services (basic and Aveda Spa), plus waxing and makeup services. 

Manolo Díaz & Freelances team is composed by renowned professionals like himself Manolo Diaz (artistic direction), Laia Salomó (Collaborates with the artistic direction), Andrea Martinez (assistant hairdresser and Spa), Omar El Gharbawy (Member team as a stylist) and Claudia Pérez (responsible for the Spa Salon AVEDA). 

Come to the games, you will feel completely SATISFIED both by its services and its commitment to our environment. In fact, as reflected in the motto of the company, reference partner AVEDA: " Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways we contribute to society. At Aveda, we strive to give an example of environmental leadership and responsibility not only in the world of beauty but around the world. "

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Manolo Díaz | Eixample Esquerra - Sant Antoni - ZoominManolo Díaz | Eixample Esquerra - Sant Antoni - Zoomin

Manolo Díaz | Eixample Esquerra - Sant Antoni - ZoominManolo Díaz | Eixample Esquerra - Sant Antoni - Zoomin


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